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Send AVAX to your friends with AvalancheTipBot

How to tip AVAX to anyone on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord using AvalancheTipBot

AvalancheTipBot was developed by ablock as part of Avalanche-X, an accelerator for decentralized app developers building on Avalanche. …

Win 100k FTM in prizes!

Are you a meme wizard? Can you explain difficult concepts in simple terms? Do you make sick videos? Are you an incredibly talented illustrator or designer?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you’re in the right place. If not, worry not…

We are delighted to announce that ablock will be running mainnet nodes for Avalanche.

The community can stake their AVAX tokens with us to receive staking rewards, starting today.

Why should you stake with us?

We are supporting Avalanche since testnet

  • We know how Avalanche works. We ran Denali and Everest nodes to understand every detail…

With this guide you’ll be able to become an AVA Denali Network Validator in 5 minutes! A script will take care of all the configuration for you.

The script has 3 main steps:

  1. Download and run the script to set up the VPS. Before moving on to the next steps…

With this guide you’ll be able to launch a Fantom read-only validator in 2 minutes! A script will take care of all the configuration for you.

You will need to execute 3 steps:

  1. Connect to your VPS (We tested it on an EC2 AWS Instance running on Ubuntu 18)


What is a testnet?

A Testnet is a network for running tests. Its utility is to perform tests and run experimental features before the project goes into production. The testnet is a sandboxed environment for improvements and optimizations, before deploying them on the mainnet.

What is Avalanche?

Avalanche is an open-source platform for launching highly decentralized applications…

We want to congratulate Fantom for its smart medicine pilot project to track pharmaceutical products in Afghanistan.
The Afghan Ministry of Health and three pharmaceutical companies chose Fantom technology and blockchain to ensure the authenticity of medical products and battle the spread of counterfeit drugs.

“Fantom, with the endorsement of…

Two days ago Fantom staking rewards unlocked 🥳

We gave back almost 250,000 FTM to our stakers! We are very proud of the support we received, and we’re happy to be part of this growing ecosystem.

ablock incentive programs recap

Degressive Fees
This program allows you to reduce your fees by staking larger amounts.
Several of…

We’re very excited to integrate Staking Rewards staking data into ablock bot!

Staking Rewards provides accurate and healthy stats for staking, staking rewards, and staking providers. It’s the best resource for staking on the crypto market right now, hands down.

What does this partnership mean?

As a result of the partnership, you can now find…

#1 node on LTO Network — low fees, giveback program, community tools

At ablock we focus on community. To support it, we launched several initiative and tools the LTO community.

Low Fees

Our fees are the lowest, starting at 3.5% fee.
Thanks to our degressive fee program, our stakers can bring down fees even further to 2.5%.

Every 50k LTO staked, fees decrease by…


Staking validator for PoS blockchains | community tools | services for blockchain networks & validator nodes. Website:

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