Win more than 2,000 FTM every day!

2 min readJan 7, 2020

Hi, Fantomians and Marines,


Fantom Global is the node of the community.
We listened and reviewed the design of the lottery.

Find below some lottery metrics and 2 new rules integrated in the lottery:


1 — You can win the lottery only each once 24 hours.
2 — One lottery per day is dedicated to delegators with a stake lower than 250,000 FTM.


At the time we write that update

  • There is 121,000 tickets per epoch emited
  • Adding the 24h rule, there is 50,000 potential winners tickets in the next epoch
  • Once per day, there will be only 10,000 potential winner ticket according to the stake limit rule (<250,000 FTM)

Let us know if you have any suggestion on our telegram group @FantomGlobalNode, and again thank you for your support !

To continue the release of community programs, Fantom Global #21 is excited to launch an epoch lottery program!
At the end of each epoch (1 epoch = 4 hours or 1000 blocks), a winning ticket will be drawn among those who delegated with us.

The winner will get 5% of the node’s commission fee for that epoch. For example, for the last epoch the commission fee was around 10,000 FTM.

The winner will earn 500 FTM. There are going to be 5–6 epoch per day. So if you’re lucky, you could win more than 2,000 FTM per day!

How to get tickets and participate in these lottery.

1) Delegate your FTM to Fantom Global (node #21)

2) You receive 1 ticket every 1000 FTM staked.

Example: 15,000 FTM staked = 15 tickets.

The more you delegate to the Fantom Global #21, the higher the chances you have to win the lottery!

Where can I follow my reward ?
You will be able to follow it on our website

When will I get my reward ?
Your reward be claimable once we receive your referral operating fee. It means in 6 months from the genesis block or 80% supply staked.
(that 80% number decreases by 1% every week)

When the lottery start ? The lottery will start from the epoch #65

Find our referral program and degressive fee model article below:

Fantom Global #21 Node address : 0x5ca8651fb31046c12691b6391930d33d18afd41b

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