Send AVAX to your friends with AvalancheTipBot

4 min readNov 3, 2020


Send AVAX to your friends with AvalancheTipBot

How to tip AVAX to anyone on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord using AvalancheTipBot

AvalancheTipBot was developed by ablock as part of Avalanche-X, an accelerator for decentralized app developers building on Avalanche. The accelerator supports developers of decentralized applications with funding, resources, and access to the wider Avalanche community.

We would like to thank the Avalanche team for the successful collaboration and for supporting our work with a grant to make AvalancheTipBot a reality.

We supported Avalanche since the beginning. In June, we published guides on how to run a Denali testnet node. To provide additional value to Denali participants, we developed a script to simplify the process even more. Helpful additions like the script made the Denali testnet a true decentralized success — the script was used 502 times by 274 unique users during the duration of Denali.

We are happy to be an Avalanche validator now as well (NodeID-EkvXF2Sxi5XcHnscti1kYzdVCUA3WhdFW).

As a validator with a special focus on community, we developed other tools such as a wallet bot for the Avalanche community enabling people to monitor all Avalanche X-Chain and P-Chain addresses and transactions.

What can I do with AvalancheTipBot?

  • Send and receive AVAX on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord
  • Deposit funds to your tipping wallet
  • Withdraw your funds to a different wallet
  • Check your tipping wallet balance

How do I use AvalancheTipBot on Telegram?

To tip AVAX in your Telegram group, add AvalancheTipBot as an admin.

1. Start a chat with AvalancheTipBot

2. Follow the steps provided by the Telegram bot.

How can I tip someone in a Telegram group?

To tip someone in Telegram, reply to a message by typing “/tip [AMOUNT]”. For example, type /tip 0.1 to tip 0.1 AVAX.

AvalancheTipBot Telegram notification

Both you and the recipient will be notified.

How do I use AvalancheTipBot on Discord?

To tip AVAX in your Discord group, add AvalancheTipBot, and set the bot as admin.

  1. Start a chat with AvalancheTipBot#0487

2. Follow the steps provided by the Discord bot.

How can I tip someone in a Discord group?

Example : “!tip @MerciChef 0.01

AvalancheTipBot Discord notification

How do I use AvalancheTipBot on Twitter?

First, link your Twitter account using Telegram or Discord.

Telegram: “/twitter @your_handle

Discord: “!twitter @your_handle

You will have to tweet a sentence to verify the ownership of your Twitter account. You will receive a notification from AvalancheTipBot to confirm that your account has been verified.

AvalancheTipBot Twitter confirmation notification

How to tip someone on Twitter

You can tip someone on Twitter by replying to their tweet and adding “#avaxtips” + the amount of $AVAX to tip.

Example :

In this example, Merci Chef tipped 0.04 $AVAX to Alexandre. You will also be notified by the bot when you send or receive a tip.


  • What happens if I tip someone who hasn’t set up AvalancheTipBot on Telegram or Discord?

The tips will be held by AvalancheTipBot until the recipient goes through the set up for the bot. Once the setup is complete, the recipient will see the tips in AvalancheTipBot’s balance.

  • What happens if I tip someone on Twitter who hasn’t linked their Twitter account to AvalancheTipBot?

Your tip won’t be delivered. $AVAX will remain in your wallet. The recipient must set up AvalancheTipBot before being able to receive tips. Once the recipient sets up AvalancheTipBot, the $AVAX will be sent, if the sender has enough in his balance.

This is AvalancheTipBot!

👉 Talk to the bot on Telegram or Discord to get started.

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