How to use the Fantom Bridge

3 min readJan 7, 2020


To send your FTM to the Fantom wallet you’ll have swap them to the native Opera token.

To do that you have to use the Fantom Bridge:

The bridge lets you swap from ERC20 (Ethereum), BEP2 (Binance Chain), and XAR (XAR Network) to Opera and back.

First, select Fantom from the token list.

Then, depending on where you have your FTM you choose the origin of the swap.

If you have your tokens on Binance, you can choose either Binance or Ethereum. Binance gives you the option to withdraw either ERC20 and BEP2 FTM.

If you store your tokens on any other exchange or on MyEtherWallet, you must choose Ethereum as the origin of the swap.

Finally if you have your tokens on XAR, you must choose XAR as the origin of the swap.

Now you have to choose the destination of the swap. You must choose Opera.

You can now input your wallet address in the “Opera Receive Address” field. The bridge will display the current balance of that address. If you just created it, it will show 0 FTM.

Click on next.

Important: if you get an error at this stage, it might be a BEP2 issue. Try selecting Ethereum instead and it will work fine. Just make sure to withdraw ERC20 from Binance and not BEP2.

The bridge will now generate an address to send your tokens to. Do not click on Next yet and leave this window open.

You can now go on the exchange or on MEW or MyCrypto and proceed with the withdraw.

I’m using Binance as an example, this is how the withdraw menu looks like.

After you click on submit, you have to confirm the withdrawal via email.

Click on the link you got in the email and you’ll successfully authorize the withdrawal.

You can check the status of the withdrawal in your Binance account, under Deposit and Withdrawal history. It can take a few minutes for the transaction to appear on the blockchain. Binance Chain can be a bit slow sometimes.

Once the status is completed—you’ll also receive an email—you can go back to the Bridge and click on Next.

The bridge will inform you that a swap request is pending and will give you additional information. The process is usually very fast.

If you log in on FantomWallet with your address, you can see that the FTM reached the destination.

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