FTM Opera delegation via MEW

Full credits to Fantom Foundation and Andre Cronje for this guide

Go to https://myetherwallet.com

Access your wallet in your preferred manner. Do not use Metamask, as Metamask overrides your ability to choose a network in MEW.

Add Opera as a network in MEW

Select Change Network (top right)

Name: Opera

URL: https://rpc.fantom.network

Explorer: https://explorer.fantom.network

ChainID: 250

Transfer funds to your address via the bridge https://bnbridge.exchange

After you have transferred funds, open the contract in MEW

Select Contract > Interact with Contract

Copy over the SFC address and ABI


Contract address


Select createDelegation

You can only delegate once per address. This is a one to one relationship.

Enter the validator ID “21” in the field “To”, this is the ID, you can find it the node ID in the list available here; https://explorer.fantom.network/validators

Fantom Global Node address : 0x5ca8651fb31046c12691b6391930d33d18afd41b

Value in FTM (this is MEW, so it will display it in ETH, but 1 ETH = 1 FTM)

Select write, confirm the transaction on the explorer;


Rewards & Delegations;

You can view rewards & delegations in the explorer, under account view;

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