From 0 to 1000 Nodes on a Testnet: Case Study on Avalanche Denali

What is a testnet?

What is Avalanche?

What is the incentive testnet Denali?

The Denali testnet in figures

  • More than 1050 nodes and block validators
  • More than 47 countries with at least one node
  • 15 days of incentive testnet
  • 5 versions of testnet Denali deployed
  • 11 blockchains created
  • 159 tokens created on Avalanche
  • 16 subnets
  • The GitHub activity during the Denali testnet per repository: More than 222 commits during the incentive period.
  • 90 commits on Gecko
  • 42 commits on Ava Explorer
  • 42 commits on doc ava
  • 4 commits on Avash
  • 28 commits on Slopes
  • commits on ortelius
  • commits on ava-quicksign

What issues did Avalanche face? How did they solve them?

How did Avalanche successfully engage with a high number of participants?

What are our thoughts on the Denali testnet event?

Denali was a huge success:

  • It was the only network we can think of to engage with a large node operator community on its testnet
  • The testnet prepared Avalanche to what could happen during his mainnet
  • Avalanche team manage to do a network upgrade in a very short timeframe and fix issues
  • It showed the efficiency of Avalanche support
  • Avalanche’s team engaged with community members, node operators, and developers

How did ablock contribute to the success of Denali?

  1. a script to initialize the Denali Testnet: the open-source script installs all the dependencies, launching the node as a service.
    2. A script to make the node join the Avalanche Denali testnet.
  1. How to launch a node on AWS, in English and French.
  2. The scripts to launch and deploy an Avalanche node, available in 6 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Turkish, and Portuguese.

ablock links:

About AVA Labs:



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