Fantom Global — Presentation & Roadmap

4 min readJan 1, 2020


Hello to all, Fantomians, Marines and all Fantom fans.

As you know, the latest Opera mainnet is now out and is running wonderfully well. As we speak, there is about 370M FTM stack on the Opera network.

Fantom Global has decided to support this mainnet by launching its own node. Node #21!

Fantom Global has been made possible thanks to donations from people world wide. We decided, as a small group of Fantom enthusiast, to launch our own ( community ) validators node and offer a secure, fast and sustanaible way to stake FTM. Both on the native Opera mainnet and XAR network.

But before explaining why you should delegate to our super node.

Wouldn’t you be interested in who is running this node and who they are ?

That’s why we dedicated this first Fantom Global-Node#21 blog to a presentation of each member.

But first of all ! Fantom Global wish you an happy new year !

Team presentation

Chuo Node21:
Brand Stategist from Tokyo, Japan. Crypto enthusiat since 2016 — passionate and stayed for the revolution.

Crypt0head Node21:
Tech enthusiast from Norway, owner of Marines channel and early investor in the Fantom foundation from Oslo, Norway.

Experienced CTO with a track record of working projects; including some in the crypto-space. Founder of Lto-lease; He has recently joined the Fantom Global team to implement IT tools. His work will be valuable and profitable for the community and will help Fantom Foundation increase there reach. A piece of his work is already accessible (Reports on or telegrm bots but this is definitly just the visible part of the iceberg.

Alex Node21 :
Cloud Architet and Lead Blockchain Artichtect from Paris, France.

Merci Chef Node21 :
Bank Consultant and Blockchain Analyst for KPMG from Paris, France

Node Presentation Specs

As you know, choosing the right node is very important on the Opera network. This is why we also decided to present you the technical specifications of the #21 Fantom Global node.

Our validators node runs from Paris France, as “M5.xlarge” instances on a dedicated high availability AWS cloud infrastructure. The resilience of the AWS network allows us to ensure security and profitability.

Hardware :

Network :


We decided to share with you, a first version of the roadmap concerning the evolutions of Fantom Global.

- XAR Validator
- Opera Validator #21
-, wallet tracking and Collateralisation ratio monitoring on XAR Network
- Telegram Reports (Daily/weekly/Monthly) on XAR
- Telegram Reports (Daily) on Opera

- Fantom Global Dashboard with KPI on Opera and Xar
- Implementation of a degressive commission system on Xar and Opera networks for our delegators. The more your stake with us, the less fee you pay.
- Community lottery on Opera on each Epoch.
- Community lottery on XAR. To be defined.
- Referral program on Opera & Xar Network

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