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3 min readMay 17, 2020


Today marks the official launch of ablock! 🎉

We wanted to take the opportunity and tell you about our story, our goals and how you can get involved.

What is ablock?

ablock is a professional community validator service. We run validator nodes for different projects in the crypto space. We empower our stakers with giveaways and referral programs.

Furthermore, we develop tools for the community to bring transparency and facilitate adoption, for example, through Telegram/Discord bots and easy-to-use user dashboards.

Lastly, we create educational content and do marketing for the projects we are involved with.

ablock logo and services

Our story

We, ablock, are a team of four. All of us got into this space because we wanted to increase the sovereignty of individuals. Be it the money they use, the financial assets they have access to, or their data.

We recognized that a lot of you share the same ideas as we engaged more and more with many different communities over the years.

That’s also how we met each other. We were part of crypto communities and discovered that we all want the same thing — help projects and their communities grow.

We identified that our skills are complementary.

So we got together to determine how we can support this space.

The foundation of all crypto projects is pretty similar. The network has to be decentralized to be secure and censorship-resistant. Only then users and developers will come.

Secondly, we noticed the need for community education to create a sustainable community that grows together with the project. Only when users are there, devs will build.

Lastly, to attract users, a strong sense of belonging is not enough. There needs to be a value that makes it easier for the community to reach out to new users.

Based on these premises, we created ablock.

  • Run validators to help build secure decentralized networks
  • Educate the community, attract new community members
  • Build tools that add value

By doing so, we tackle all the different dimensions that are needed for ecosystems to grow sustainably.

Why we need you

We talked about us because we want you to understand what our goal is. And we hope that you want to get involved!

Here’s why that’s important.

Our focus is on the community. We need your feedback to see what tools would be helpful, what others are missing about your favorite projects, and what content you’d like to see. Sharing this content helps to reach more people.

And if you find all of the stuff we do valuable, we would be happy if you would choose our validator: the more validators, the more decentralized. Staking with exchanges, on the other hand, leads to centralization.

A healthy ecosystem of validators is essential for every project. These validators are incentivized to support network growth because they benefit from it, just as you do.

How can you get involved now?

  • Reach out to us on Telegram or Twitter
  • Give feedback, ask questions, share your ideas, share what we do.
  • What do you expect from a validator?
  • What projects are looking for validators?
  • What information are you interested in?
  • How can we help your community with tools and features?

Let’s go !

ablock team

ablock links :

Website : https://ablock.io

Telegram Group: https://t.me/ablockio

Twitter : https://twitter.com/ablock_io




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