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What is ablock?

ablock is a professional community validator service. We run validator nodes for different projects in the crypto space. We empower our stakers with giveaways and referral programs.

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Our story

We, ablock, are a team of four. All of us got into this space because we wanted to increase the sovereignty of individuals. Be it the money they use, the financial assets they have access to, or their data.

  • Run validators to help build secure decentralized networks
  • Educate the community, attract new community members
  • Build tools that add value

Why we need you

We talked about us because we want you to understand what our goal is. And we hope that you want to get involved!

How can you get involved now?

  • Reach out to us on Telegram or Twitter
  • Give feedback, ask questions, share your ideas, share what we do.
  • What do you expect from a validator?
  • What projects are looking for validators?
  • What information are you interested in?
  • How can we help your community with tools and features?

ablock links :

Website : https://ablock.io



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Staking validator for PoS blockchains | community tools | services for blockchain networks & validator nodes. Website: ablock.io