ablock — Fantom community giveback report

2 min readJun 26, 2020


Two days ago Fantom staking rewards unlocked 🥳

We gave back almost 250,000 FTM to our stakers! We are very proud of the support we received, and we’re happy to be part of this growing ecosystem.

ablock incentive programs recap

Degressive Fees
This program allows you to reduce your fees by staking larger amounts.
Several of our stakers benefited from this incentive.

To date, we paid out 121,956 FTM of fees give-back to the community, according to the following structure:

Every epoch (~ 4 hours), we drew one lucky winner of our lottery.
We distributed 5% of the node’s commission fee to the staker community.
So far, the free lottery rewarded 123,777 FTM to random stakers.

Find more information about our lottery and how it works.

From now on, both the lottery and the degressive fees will be paid out at every epoch!

What now?

We will use our own rewards to increase the capacity of the node to allow more FTM holders to stake to our validator.

The amount of self-staked FTM will be increased to 8,568,450 FTM.

This makes an additional capacity of 39,313,374 FTM available to stakers.

Moreover, we will continue building tools to bring value to Fantom, including the long-awaited referral program through which you can earn FTM rewards for referring other stakers.

These are the Telegram tools you can use right now:

  • Staking Bot: Find staking information directly on Telegram
  • Wallet Bot: Keep an eye on your FTM addresses and transactions
  • Whale alerts: See what the big hodlers are doing

Join the other 382 delegators who chose ablock as their Fantom validator node. Learn how to stake on Fantom; it’s simple and rewarding!

ablock team

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ablock is a staking service provider with a focus on community engagement. We build software, tools, and other cool stuff.

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Website: https://ablock.io

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